The Flag of Libya

The Flag of Libya

new Libya falag and the old Libya flag

libya protests flag ( the old libyan flag )

Libya flag (Qaddafi flag )

Flags and banners, including school banners, have been used for all kinds of different purposes, the main ones being identification and signaling. Flags of all sizes are flown from residential flagpoles of all kinds, including tall steel flag poles. Of all the different country flags in existence, the Libyan flag sure is considered one of the "special ones."

The Libyan flag is the only national flag in the world that displays a color only. The flag displays the green color and is manufactured in a proportion of 1:2. No other detail is displayed on this very unique and fascinating "historical" flag.

Some years, or even decades ago, Egypt, Libya and Syria were part of the so called Federation of Arab Republics. At the time, these three countries each flew the flag from steel and aluminum flagpoles, and other such objects. Their intention or ambition was that all three countries would become a unified Arab type country. This never happened however, following acts of treason by the then ruling President of Egypt, according to Gaddafi. Qaddafi interpreted the traveling of the Egyptian President to Israel offensive and hence rejected the then adopted flag that was flown by the three respective states.

The Sahara desert covers the major part of Libya in modern times. Some thousands of years ago, this used to be different however. The area used to be green and covered with all kinds of vegetation. It was home to various lakes, areas of countless trees and a very mild climate. Original inhabitants are said to be very skilled in the domestication of all kinds of cattle as well as the cultivation of crops. Like many other African countries, Libya is struggling to produce enough food for its growing population.

The green flag was hoisted as the country's national banner as a symbol of the so called "Green Revolution" which Qaddafi proclaimed at the time. Also referred to as Colonel Gadaffi, he has been considered the leader of the country since '69. Today, he is considered the longest serving non-royal type national leader or rulers in history. Gadaffi began his first plan to overthrow the Libyan monarchy whilst being in military college...

Libya map

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