Cheap Holidays To Bulgaria

Travel To Bulgari

If you are trying to find cheap holidays to Bulgaria you might want to start off my doing some Internet research on the many online travel agencies that offer many different types of flight packages to a vast amount of countries at discounted prices. If you do not mind taking flights at times you might not normally considering taking or if you do not mind going a different class than you are use to, you might find these sites very helpful.

After you get to Bulgaria you will want to explore the country and hopefully keep your cheap holidays to Bulgaria in tact. There a lot of things that you can do to enjoy the country without going off your budget.

If you like hiking or cycling there are various companies that offer up a variety of different guided cycling and hiking tours. Each tour can be fit to suit each person and their individual strengths and and interests. Any kind of group and all ages can be accommodated and some companies will schedule private tours as well.

On an average day with one of these tours you can expect to start the day off with breakfast and then it is off sightseeing. After a few hours of touring, some tours might allow time for a jump in a pool or river before having lunch at a quaint local restaurant or maybe a picnic in the countryside. Some of the sightseeing could include trips to monasteries, local charming churches, museums and leisurely walks to local villages. At the end of the day dinner can be enjoyed at another local restaurant and if the trip is more than a day trip they will include accommodations. Hiking tours begin at 440 euros and the cycling tours begin at 600 euros.

Special Interest Tours are another way of seeing Bulgaria. Depending what your interests are, you have a custom package created for you which will take you to areas that match your special interests. These types of tours will also include your lodging and can include meals upon request. These packages can start as low as 65 euro per night.

There are a lot of different types of lodges as well as hostels that you can choose from. Some of these offer access to nice gardens, pool tables, swimming pools, badminton, volleyball and other activities. You can stay in a room that is shared with up to six people at a time or choose a more private arrangement with a room for two. The six person room is as low as 10 euros a night and the two person rooms start at 15 euros per night.

You can also find that some apartments are rented out as vacation rentals are are far less than your standard hotels. A lot of these can be found centrally located in a variety of cities and are in locations close to shopping, restaurants, bars, movies and other sources of entertainment. You can rent an apartment that sleeps 4 and comes with dishes, air conditioning, cable television, cooker, coffee and tea maker, DVD player, freezer and refrigerator, Wi Fi, microwave, toaster and even a washing machine. All starting as low as 55 euros per night.

Villas are also another nice way to enjoy the country at a low rate. Most of these rent rooms that include a nice basic breakfast to get your day started and are generally furnished quite nicely and nearly all of them include televisions and DVD players. Some of these types of lodgings can start as low as 15 euros a night per person.

If you love to kayak, you can arrange to go on a one to four day river kayaking trip that can include camping and cycling. These trips are great for groups and families are all inclusive and start at 40 euros per person per night.

There are also plenty of locals that love to give personal tours of their country for individuals up to four in a group. Here you will experience Bulgaria through the eyes of one who lives there. You can find these tours starting as low as 10 euros per person.