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ancient Egypt and the magic of the history
The land of Pharaohs has much secrets to tell along with the historical places.and because there is too many places to travel along Egypt with ancient Pharaohs , Greek , Roman , Islamic history

Looking for flights to Egypt? We will help you book your holiday in Egypt or business trip dates. While traveling to Egypt , you can find the best hotels in Egypt. We will make your tours to Egypt a memorable experience.

A mosaic of fascinating tourist attractions, Egypt in Africa offers the discerning traveler the largest open-air museum in the world. In fact the tourist attractions of Egypt are as old as the origin of civilization.

Enjoy tours to mud-brick villages, Bedouin camps, cities and towns of Egypt with Travour and discover mystical Egypt and enjoy the tourist attractions of this ancient land that glitters like a precious jewel on the map of the African continent.

Where to go in Egypt ?


Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and welcomes you into a medley of donkey-drawn carts, luxury cars, mud brick villages, modern homes, ancient culture, modern trends, golf courses, bowling alleys, happening clubs, restaurants, traditional food.

Enjoy tours to Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Al-Qalaa Citadel, Coptic Museum, Museum of Islamic Arts, Gayer-Anderson Museum, Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Mosque at Al-Azhar, Abdeen Palace Museum, Abu Sir Pyramids, Manial Palace Museum and various other tourist attractions that offer you a glimpse into the rich historical tradition of Egypt.


Giza is among the most important tourist attractions of Egypt and is famous the world over for the Pyramids and the Sphinx. These monuments have been listed as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO.


Alexandria is rich in tourist attractions and offers ample opportunity for you to enjoy Egypt. Tour the historical buildings and church located at Abu Mina, visit the Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach, Sidi Krir Beach, visit the temples and lighthouse at Borg al-Arab, enjoy tours to the King Mairut Spa on your Egypt travel It was in Alexandria, Egypt that the first solar calendar was devised in the ancient times.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel invites you to come and explore its monumental treasures with Travour. Visit the Temple of Hathor, Temple of Re-Harakhte and other interesting tour destinations in Abu Simbel in Egypt.


Hurghada is one of the popular holiday spots in Egypt. Loosen up at the nightclubs, casinos and beaches. Tour the National Museum, ruins of Roman Mons Porphyrites, Giftun Island and the Aquarium near the Red Sea.


Luxoris described as the "open-air museum, " of Egypt. Dotted with historic monuments Luxor is a great place to travel to on your holidays. Tour the Karnak Temple, twin statues of Ramses II, Temple of Luxor, El-Mekashkesh Mosque, Mummification Museum and the Luxor Museum.

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