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Hotels In Sydney
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The huge number of cheap hotels only makes it that much harder to find the
cheapest hotels in Sydney. So for cheapskates who will go to any length to make sure there is nothing cheaper available, here's how you do it. Rule no. 1 is that you shouldn't believe any hotel that claims to be the cheapest hotel.

Not because they're trying to pull a fast one, but because the rates these hotels offer are very flexible. Persistent travelers are likely to get lower rates based on personal or telephone contact. Many hotels in the same location within Sydney compete to offer the lowest rate.

That sure-fire way would be to tramp around in the area, or call them in person via telephone. Rates posted on the hotel's website or found through an online travel agency won't do much good here because the cheapest ones don't offer the same rates online, if at all. Also, rates differ based on peak periods and dates, so those looking at the cheapest rates should find a nice and quite period to visit.

As for the locations within Sydney, there are no less than 320 hotels in Sydney and a large number of these are budget hotels. The CBD (central business district) is always a hotbed of activity and offers a range of accommodations choices for visitors. Most budget hotels in the city suitable for tourists will be either in the CBD or offer easy access to it.

Another good place to get cheap but chic hotels is Sydney's Style Mile. This cheap n'chic zone includes Paddington's Oxford Street and the Hyde Park area. Many are not only the cheapest hotels in Sydney but also offer the latest amenities at an affordable price.

Travelers staying in the Style Mile can expect things like complimentary breakfasts, free wi-fi internet and free coffee/tea. Most hotels will have swimming pools, fitness centres and on-site restaurants and bars or lounges. It helps a lot that this area is slam bang in the middle of the best shopping zone in Australia and every major tourist attraction is within easy reach.

Other areas that have an unusually large number of cheap hotels include the Haymarket and Kings Cross. Tourists and visitors probably can't go wrong with Kings Cross, in terms of cheap hotels right in the middle of all the action and attractions. There are a huge number of hotels here, and they're all packed in along with restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Hotels in the suburbs will likely have room rates a lot lower than those in and around the city centre. For example, one good location would be the Eastern suburbs, in the vicinity of Bondi. Another choice would be the Northern suburbs, somewhere close to Manly.

The takeaway here is that the cheapest hotels in Sydney await travelers who know their way around Sydney. All that's required is to be able to go around and make a few enquiries in one of the aforementioned areas. Again, please note that rates can go and down drastically based on the date and month, so cheapskates are advised to plan their stay dates in order to avoid the crowds.
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