Mexico Travel and Mexico Attraction

What do you know about Mexico? It is a country that offers a number of attractions for any tourist. This destination continues to attract many tourists from around the world. Here, you can take a tour to the Mayan sites and embark on lagoon tours and see its wonderful wildlife.

History and archaeology of Mexico is a big contributor to its tourism. Taking a hiking tour will allow you to explore the ruins of this ancient civilization. The relics of the Mayan ruins can be seen in the National Museum of Archaeology in Guatemala City.

The Mayas have constructed the most one of a kind structures and their civilization was deemed to be amazing. There are a number of unique musical instruments that the Mayas have invented such as the ocarina and several different kinds of flutes which can be seen on display inside the Museum. Visiting the museum offers a wonderful insight.

The magnificent Chichen Itza ruins can be visited in the Yucatan. In Mexico, this is the largest Maya site. If you want to take a look at these wonderful ruins then book yourself a Chichen Itza tour. Your tour guide will not just give you a tour around the site but will also impart some knowledge about the ruins and the long lost civilization. You will get to see the largest pyramid known as the El Castillo. This archaeological site is important and historic. It is also best to do some research about the site in order for you to have an idea of what you'd like to see. For instance, there are many ball courts utilized by the Mayans for sports. However nobody is precisely certain of game rules they played; it appears that the players were eventually sacrificed, therefore this sport wasn't for the not so courageous. In all of human history, these ball courts are the oldest known game form. They're fairly detached from the other ruins, hence it is best to have an idea where to go to save time and cut the long walks short.

In the area of Yucatan, you can find other fascinating Maya sites. On the south is the Calakmul archaeological site. This town as known as the Snake Kingdom because of the many depictions of snake heads around the town which came to the fore towards the end of the Maya history. The Tulum Maya site can be visited in this country as well. See the amazing ruins and experience an exciting slide through the tree tops by taking a Tulum and Zip Line tour.

Interested to see the diverse wildlife of Mexico? If so, then there are other tours that will take you to the bio reserve in the region where you can see an abundant flora and fauna. Do you want to see frightening creatures like sharks or alligators? Then embark on shark or crocodile tours. In case you want to embark on a relaxed tour then the Cozumel Lagoon bird watching tour is the best to take. A variety of bird species inhabit this lagoon which will keep any photographer and avid birdwatcher busy while on the tour.

The 4 day Belize tour is ideal for scuba diving enthusiasts. Swim in the crystal Blue waters of Belize and explore its wondrous marine life. The underwater scenery of Belize is amazing and you'll find a number of fishes and beautiful corals.
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