California Hotels

California Hotels

Hotel San Jose, Hotel California

Hotel California? How about Hotel San Jose? If you've ever stumbled through a greatest hits of the Sixties compilation, you've probably heard Warm San Franciscan Nights by Eric Burdon and the
Animals. What's ironic, especially for anyone who has spent any time in San Francisco, is how cold and damp the nights are. You see, San Francisco is bordered on three sides by water and maintains an average temperature of 55 degrees.

I'm sure it was all a big misunderstanding. I'm sure Mr. Burdon and his mates mistook San Francisco for San Jose. Unlike San Francisco, San Jose is snuggled on three sides by mountains. This makes for a warm, dry city that seldom sees the kind of fog Frisco sees. Warmer temperatures, less fog, and still parked in the Bay Area -- what more could you ask for?

Let's keep the local talent pool in mind, too. I mean, unless we forget the proliferation of engineering and computer science graduates in the area, Silicon Valley incorporates the talent of such fine centers of learning as UC Berkeley, UCSC, SJSU, and Stanford. As a result, San Jose is never at a loss to fill open positions. While the heart of rock and roll may still be beating in Cleveland, in San Jose everyone is finding his or her way towards a more and more hi-tech future.

Switching gears, if the great outdoors is more your forte, the Valley can accommodate you. Well, my naturalist friend, San Jose puts you smack in the middle of one of the greenest part of the Golden State. You've got the world-famous Almaden Quicksilver County Park, Emma Prusch Farm Park, and Kelley Park, which happens to include the kid-friendly Happy Hollow Park & Zoo and the Japanese Friendship Gardens. Not a bad selection of earth friendly destinations.

Unlike San Francisco, which is perennially bound by the peninsula, San Jose is now the third largest city in California and growing! And you thought it was Bakersfield. We all love Buck Owens, to be sure, but San Jose is where the future is being built. If a trip to this fine city is in the cards, the sheer number of fine hotels San Jose has to offer is staggering. From economy motels to boutique hotels to five-star affairs, do like Dionne Warwick did and find your way to this city of refined industry.

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