best christmas travel : Holiday in Egypt

2011 new year best Holiday travel is mostly to be traveling to Egypt for many reason warm , cheap , wonderful at all you will find all what you are looking for such a great and entrainment adventure with a great historical and cultural side

If you have ever considered taking Holidays to Egypt, there are numerous things that you can
consider. The first thing is who you are going along with, whether you are on your own, with an official tour party or with your family. With a hundred pyramids, temples, mosques and the holy land there is a large variety of ancient landmarks that are remnants of a great ancient civilization.

There are a couple of resorts in Egypt. Many people enjoy the resorts near the Red Sea and it is there where people can enjoy various activities, such as diving. A lot of websites offer hotel
comparisons. Some are four or five star rated and many major tour operators offer package deals to these resorts in particular.

If you visit the pyramids in Giza it is important to be aware of what will be expected of you and what you may not want to become involved with. There is usually a separate price for tourists in the Giza compound then there are for the locals. Furthermore, if you want to go inside the pyramids this will also cost you extra.

As well as new monuments, there are also attractions emerging all the time. The town of Taba was recently established and its airport was established in 2000 and is worth visiting to get an idea of another side of Egypt.

Cairo is the capital city and is a very popular destination. As well as some great landmarks and temples, it is also home to a host of galleries, museums and popular restaurants. With 15 million visitors expected by the end of 2010, now is a great time to explore a city that balances ancient tradition with modern attractions.

It is also worth checking the price of individual flights, hotel bookings or self catering apartments to see what is a better deal for you as it might be cheaper to book these things separately. There are a number of websites that can help you compare prices to give you an idea what is available. A lot of major tour operators offer both package deals and individual flights.

Either way it is important to check that you are covered. If you are in any doubt there are travel insurance packages that can cover any problems.

While on holiday in Egypt it is important to be careful. Women should dress appropriately for a Muslim country, especially if entering a mosque. Be wary around major landmarks for unofficial tours and sales people. If you are uncomfortable do not get involved with any haggling and politely but firmly move on.

With any package deal it is important to look around for something that suits your own individual needs, whether you are on your own, with a tour party or with your family. It is a chance to visit a place of both ancient tradition and a thriving modern nightlife. For more information visit the Egyptian tourism board website.

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