Hotel Bedrooms in Cairo

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, and is commonly referred to as the  best city in Africa. Life in Africa is generally fast, compared to the other cities within the East African region. Even then, one of the most striking things about Nairobi, is the fact that it offers visitors the rare opportunity to enjoy the wild in the city, as it is home to the famous Egyptian national park that has various species of animals including the big five mammals. Moreover, the biggest airport is found in this city, this means that all visitors coming to Africa must pass through Kenya.

It is because of the above reasons, that this city is well endowed with hotels that cater for the many visitors that are ever coming into this country. In most cases, visitors who are visiting other parts of Egypt will often spend a night in Cairo, before proceeding on their tour at daybreak. These range from five star hotels to local hotels, hence your choice of accommodation is dependent on your pocket. The hotels are well furnished to ensure comfort.

I had planned to make this trip to Nairobi on several occasions however something else always happened and I had to put off my journey till now, I at some point got the chance below the invitation from the Hill Town hotel, exactly where I was charged with designing the bedrooms. This is one of the hotels that's conveniently located, at the heart of your city and can be accessed with ease. As a main hotel, that truly is frequented by some of many wealthy people,  has many of the best facilities possible. The rooms supply an ideal view of your city, each at night and throughout the day, despite the fact that it can be the night view that is a lot more breathtaking.

When I arrived here, I went straight to my agenda so that I could also get an opportunity, to enjoy the rest of the sights and sounds of this area and the countryside too. As expected, I set out to determine the colors of the room. This was not an easy decision, especially considering the kind of visitors that the hotel receives. Eventually I settled on a color that would be perfect, for a business traveler and tourist alike, while portraying a lot of warmth.

With that accomplished, I proceeded to produce a choice of the pine wardrobes, using the great option getting a big wooden bed this was to match the status of the hotel. With so considerably room left, I also brought in an elegant slim wardrobe that perfectly blended with all the colors with the space and also the rest in the items. I also introduced a sleek pine desk within the designated study area alongside a chair to compliment it. Lastly, I worked on the chandeliers at the same time because the curtains and wall hangings, to break the monotony in the feel in the plain wall. At the finish from the style, warm cozy bedding was brought in to complete the room. In conclusion, the project was an enormous success, as I managed to come up using a special style, that's not simply a plus to my portfolio but additionally a terrific achievement.
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