What is Hookah ? Where Did Hookah Bars Come From?

What is Hookah ? Where Did Hookah Bars Come From?
Hookahs were initially introduced in the U.S. in the 70's, but, it wasn't until lately that they started to grow in popularity. A hookah bar is a commercial establishment where individuals come with their buddies to enjoy a "hookah". One can easily find hookah bars near colleges and universities and in highly populated cities.

Brief Hookah History

Hookah and the idea of hookah bars originated 500 years ago in the subcontinent near where today is the border of India and Pakistan. Making its way through Iran and into Turkey it experienced an increase of popularity among Turkish upper class and started to spread much more rapidly down through Lebanon and Syria and finally to Egypt, therefore, the hookah bar is heavily associated with the Middle East. These businesses became places where people would socialize, have coffee, and discuss politics and local events with a relaxing hookah session.

In a Hookah Bar

Bars that are designed to imitate the region of origin of hookah have generally Arab people running them. The furnishings are according to the Middle Eastern culture of Indian culture. A few bars only serve hookah. But, at others coffee and other drinks are served. Typical community lounges usually do not have liquor licenses and therefore do not derive profit from alcohol. The larger bars, however, possess a liquor license and they serve a number of cocktails along with wine and beer. It isn't uncommon to see belly dancers, live bands, or DJs in the more trendy urban hookah bars as they look like a "night club" more closely than a neighborhood social establishment.

Some hookah bars are intentionally built near university and college campuses to draw in the students. Hookah is thought to be less dangerous than smoking cigarettes, cigars or other things and thus hookahs are gaining a great deal of popularity. Hookah bars do well around colleges as college life is a time to try new stuff and enjoy the independence of life. There has been a surge in the number and popularity of hookah bars in cities, which are renowned for their secondary education establishments in the U.S.

So What is A Hookah

You'd like to learn what a hookah is? Hookah was designed by a Persian physician in the late 1500's. It was called as a "huqqa". This name has stayed with this device ever since then, however, as this device spread around the world it gained a lot of other names for example hubble-bubble and nargile.

When the hookah was first designed, it was constructed with coconut shells and must have looked quite simple than the complex and sophisticated designs of today. The structure of the hookah has 4 main parts:

1. Bowl - to keep the tobacco.

2. Body - smoke derived from the burning tobacco is passed through the body to reach the water basin.

3. Water Basin - contains the water, where smoke is passed through to be cooled off and purified. Purified smoke remains in the chamber over the water until it is inhaled through the hose.

4. Hose - the smoker breathes in the smoke from the chamber above the water using a hose. The hose can be up to many meters long.

The above mechanism gives the smoker calming and aromatic smoke.

A senior customer of a prominent hookah establishment in turkey said:

"What you put in the hookah matters not, but who is along with you when you are smoking. The idea is enjoy. You'll find, good, old, interesting and all kinds of people in a bar like this. All what people really need to come to a hookah bar is a spirit to socialize, meet and spend some time in the company of good friends."

There is a reason why hookah bars are becoming so popular. A hookah bar is a superb place where you can sit with your buddies and loosen up with a hookah after a long tiring day. Why don't you head to a nearby hookah bar and become a part of the growing hookah trend 
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