Keeping Oneself Safe When Spending Some Time At The Beach

On one occasion, I made a decision to visit the beach and also commit several days there. I was on my own so I copied pals that I had seen buy stun gun gizmos and acquired one to utilize within my stay there.

I become familiar with stun devices from my closest friend. These are non deadly personal protection weapons that give an electric current towards a target's body through direct contact. They do not give irreversible physical harm. They simply disable the assailant for a few moments. It lets the prey to call for help.

My shopping partner in the office told me about her multi-function stun gun. This was charged with 4.5 million volts and also got an alarm, a double pin wrist strap, emergency lights and also an LED flashlight. Being a flashlight stun gun, this offered high visibility in the dark and enhanced her aim in the evening.

I saw my uncle's thin stun device, as well. This was filled with 300,000 volts and he stated was likewise available with 100,000 volts. This was one of those low voltage stun devices which would shock the aggressor mildly, reducing the consequence of becoming hurt.

After several days of discernment, I bought a 4.5 million volt cell phone stun weapon. This appears like a camera cellphone and is equipped with a 12 LED flashlight. Disguised stun weapons make the attacker think that you are only holding a regular mobile phone. They won't know that they are going to be stunned right up until the last second.

I would like to have an evening beach stroll therefore I took my camera phone stun weapon along with me. I sat on a huge washed up log and watched the ocean.

From out of nowhere, someone came out and sat close to me. He talked to me nicely but, since there wasn't any one around, he began to have his way. I defended myself right away.

I ran to my cottage and closed everything. I reported what happened to the resort authorities and made a decision to sleep it off. Now, I understand that people's decision to purchase stun gunpurchase stun gun products is a wise one.
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